Invited Speakers

The interplay between the surface chemistry and surface electronic properties of wide bandgap oxide semiconductors
Martin Allen, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

UHV cluster deposition for catalysis and electrocatalysis
Scott L Anderson, University of Utah, USA

Electrostatic Self-Assembly on Surfaces
Elena Besley, University of Nottingham, UK

Grain boundaries emerging onto surfaces: insights for grain boundary-induced corrosion chemistry
John Boland, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Maximising the resolving power of the scanning tunneling microscope
Martin Castell, University of Oxford, UK

Closing the Chlorine Cycle
Phil Davies, Cardiff University, UK

Applications of diamond and nanodiamond surfaces
Andrew Evans, Aberystwyth University, UK

Recent advances in surface characterisation with neutral helium
Andrew Jardine, University of Cambridge, UK

Electrocatalytic performance of transition metal nanoparticles prepared by Cluster Beam Deposition
Lifeng Liu, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Braga, Portugal

Cluster-assembled nanostructured surfaces for the study of mechanotransduction in neuronal cell networks
Paolo Milani, University of Milano, Italy

High-speed Non-contact AFM of Soft Surfaces under Ambient Conditions
Mervyn Miles, University of Bristol, UK

Development and Standardisation of Graphene Characterisation Methods
Keith Paton, National Physical Laboratory, UK

On the interplay between structure, reaction medium and performance in heterogeneous catalysis
Laurent Piccolo, University of Lyon, France

Molecular beam epitaxy for low dimensional devices
David Ritchie, University of Cambridge, UK

Femtosecond Control of Atomic Manipulation with a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope
Kristina Rusimova, University of Bath, UK

Elucidating the factors controlling oxygen electrochemistry on well-defined electrode surfaces
Ifan Stephens, Imperial College London, UK

Graphene immunosensors for early diagnosis of cancer
Sofia Teixeira, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland

Near Ambient Pressure XPS on metal oxides/perovskites
Andrew Thomas, University of Manchester, UK

Determining molecular adsorption geometries: STM and DFT are not enough
Phil Woodruff, University of Warwick, UK

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