See below for the list of exhibitors showcasing their material at ISSC-22. 




Allectra is a leading manufacturer and supplier of High Vacuum and UHV components including custom items.

Electrical feedthrough range includes Sub-D and Co-axial types alongside cables and accessories, also viewports and hardware. Allectra has three facilities with scientific and engineering capabilities, one in the UK and two in Germany, and ships worldwide.




Bruker Nano Surfaces provides industry-leading surface analysis instruments for research and production. Our broad range of 2D and 3D surface profiler solutions supply the specific information needed to answer R&D, QA/QC, and surface measurement questions with speed, accuracy, and ease.




Edwards are a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of industrial vacuum systems and abatement solutions


Henniker Scientific Ltd


Henniker Scientific supply a comprehensive range of scientific instruments & UHV systems for thin film deposition, vacuum gas analysis and surface science. Our range includes the industry leading highest transmission and resolution quadrupole mass spectrometers, ion and electron sources, residual gas analysers, UV sources and bespoke turnkey multi-technique deposition (thermal evaporation, sputtering, PLD) and analysis (XPS, SPM, SIMS, LEED, Auger) systems. The range of instruments is further complimented by plasma surface modification systems for UHV surface preparation and surface functionalisation. From UHV transfer and sample heating/cooling stages to bespoke cluster deposition systems, we can build a key part, if not all of your next research system.


Hiden Analytical Limited


For more than 35 years Hiden Analytical has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of scientific instruments for research, development and production applications. In vacuum, gas, surface and plasma processes our quadrupole mass spectrometers have gained worldwide recognition for their precision and outstanding performance.


Kurt J. Lesker Company


Kurt J. Lesker is a leading global provider of high-quality vacuum hardware, deposition systems and custom chambers, with the goal of enabling the innovation, creation and advancement of a vast array of vacuum technology. The breadth of markets we serve include LEDs, Optics, UHV/Synchrotrons, Electronics, Wear & Decorative Coatings and R&D.


Leybold UK Ltd


Leybold has been offering customers the largest sales and after sales network in the vacuum technology industry for over 165 years. Our range includes fore and high vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, leak detection instruments, flanges, fittings and valves, as well as complete vacuum solutions. Full UK local service support is offered.




Nanosurf, founded in 1997, is a Swiss-based provider of scanning probe microscopes. Our product range includes the most compact AFM and STM instruments on the market, state-of-the-art research atomic force microscope systems, and customized and comprehensive next-level solutions. Our customers in research, industry and teaching value the innovative approach, modularity, and ease of use of our solutions.


Pfeiffer Vacuum


Pfeiffer Vacuum offers comprehensive solutions that are indispensable for manufacturing products.  For more than 125 years, our name has served as a guarantee for high-end vacuum technology, a quality comprehensive solution and first-class service. Our service program extends from vacuum pumps to measurement, analysis equipment right up to complete vacuum systems.


Scanwel Ltd. / SPECS

www.scanwel.co.uk / www.specs.com

Scanwel manufacture and distribute components and systems to end users and o.e.m.s in academia, government laboratories and industry. Our own product range includes fittings, components, custom fabrications/ chambers and bespoke systems. Scanwel distributes leading edge technology products from world leading companies in the fields of surface analysis, microscopy and vacuum.

SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH - A Story of Constant Innovation
SPECS has more than 150 employees at its headquarters in Berlin and its subsidiaries in the USA and Switzerland. The company also has sales offices and international sales channels in more than sixteen countries. A team of scientists and engineers are involved in developing and producing scientific instruments for surface analysis, material science and nanotechnology. By constant innovation new techniques, components or system concepts are launched every year since more than 30 years, revolutionizing the field of surface analysis. Contact SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH (www.specs.com) for further information.


Scienta Omicron


Scienta Omicron is the leading innovator in Surface Science. The company provides top capabilities for the research community through its technology leadership in electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and thin film deposition.




SIGMA Surface Science is a specialized company in the field of material research with the focus on the development and production of instruments for UHV SPM and Electron Spectroscopy.

The majority of the team consists of physicists and engineers with more than 200 years of joint experience in this field.


Torr Scientific Ltd.


Torr Scientific Limited is an innovative company that brings together a unique range of expertise, skills and equipment from the worlds of thin film vacuum coating, vacuum instrumentation and electron-optics.

The company manufactures X-ray anodes, UHV Viewports and processes anti-reflective coatings. Torr Scientific was established in 1998 and the employees of the company have many years of experience in the UHV and Electron-Optical industries.

High quality components and instrumentation are manufactured in cleanroom conditions and facilities include vacuum furnaces, TIG welding, helium leak testing, e-beam and sputter coating systems, a glass shop and high-end optical test equipment.


UHV Design Ltd.


UHV Design Ltd. specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality, low maintenance, manipulation and heating/cooling solutions for vacuum applications. Our products are used in the high and ultra-high vacuum markets for materials research and find applications in diverse fields such as thin film deposition and modification, surface analysis instrumentation and synchrotron beam conditioning and diagnostics.

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